5 Companies Who Mount TVs


5 Companies Who Mounts TVs

So you recently bought a new TV and would like to hang it on your wall. Finding the right guy for the job may seem like a task. There are lots of factors like experience, price and location that play a role in making a good decision.

There are several national companies who mount TVs, today I would like to give you some options as to which companies are best. Lets start...

1. Handy
Handy started as a service for house cleaning and branch into handyman services
They have an easy ordering system and have a team of TV installers in most major cities.

2. Thumbtack
Thumbtack is similar to Angie’s list and have a database of TV installers to choose from. The great thing about this site is that you can pick the installer and price point you like.

3. Home depot (Pro Referral Program)
The Home Depot pro referral program has been available for some years now. The program pairs you with an experienced professional to help install everything from doors, windows to TVs. The great thing about this program is all contractors have been well vetted program by Home Depot.

4. Geek squad
Geek Squad is an offshoot of Best Buy and have been around for awhile. Their pricing is above average for the general price, but your paying for a big brand name to install your TV. .

5. Puls
Puls is a company with a business model similar to Uber. These guys are very tech savvy and specialize in tv mounting, smart home and networking. Their website is easy to navigate and easy to order service.


new company mostly electrician and experience installer work as in home technicians
Easy pricing app on their website

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