Top TV Mounting Questions Online

TV mounting 101- Should Your mount your TV yourself.

Top TV Mounting Questions

So you recently bought a new TV and would like to hang it on your wall.   Finding the right guy for the job may seem like a task.  There are lots of factors like experience, price and location that play a role in making a good decision. 

There are several national companies who mount TVs,  today I would like to give you some options as to which companies are best.  Lets start…

1. Should I wall mount my TV?

Most Of My Clients Mount Their TV For 3 Reasons.

1. Kids(Safety)

2. Save Space

3. Improve Home Decor

Best TV wall mount on Amazon?

My recommended TV Mount brands on Amazon.

1. Mounting Dream

2. EchoGear

3. FlexiMounts

How difficult is it to mount a TV on the wall??

Difficulty depends your experience and the project. Some important factors are:

1. The Weight Of TV

2. Type Of Wall

3. Can You Find Wall Studs

TV Mounting Height.  How High Should I Mount A TV?

TV height varies, but as a rule of thumb…

The middle of the TV should be at eye level or slightly above it.

In closing research your project, if you feel uncomfortable hire a pro to help .

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