Can’t Believe I Did That! OMG!

Previously on “Real TV installers of Chicago”

Come on…  What did you?

I missed April Fools Day

But really…

There is something I forgot to tell you…

… about my trip to Vegas

Yeah… that’s me jumping out of a perfectly good plane.  

What an adrenaline rush!

Ironically, my younger son got quiet and.  looked at me… and asked “Dad are you afraid.”  

I told him…

“I’ve experienced so many valleys and peaks in life, I’ve learned to trust things will turn out ok.”  

We are just leasing this life.  Please enjoy it!

I would recommend everyone trying it!

If we’ve been playing phone tag…  Please forgive me… I’m experiencing high demand

I encourage everyone to visit the website click the “get quote button” use the online pricing/scheduling system. 

This ensures your on service our calendar. 

Use customer code “sendmario” 

The code will be good til July

In other news we just added an “Unmount TV and Patch Wall” service for those moving out.   You can find the option on our pricing/scheduling app.

Do me a favor? 

 If you could leave a review on our Facebook page.  

Just search “@mountmytvtoday” on Facebook.

I really would appreciate it. 

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Mario F - TV Installer
Mario F – TV Installer

Mario F. is a TV Installer in the Chicago Area serving commercial and residential homes

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