Kill Your Cable TV Bill….

Feliz Año Nuevo a Todos!

For Those who eat chicken wings from Taco Bell…

Happy New Year🤣

Hope everyone is doing great!

I wanted to start off the year by help you put more money in your pocket!

One of the many questions,  I get as a local TV Installer
 in Chicago is…

How do I get rid of my ridiculously high cable bill? 

From High-rises, condos, to Greystones…

Whether South Loop, Lincoln park, River North or

People have been lured into monthly Cable contracts with promises of free premium channels and a low offer. However…

Many months later…. (In my sponge bob voice)

A representative is calling you in reference to a bill that is triple what you agreed to pay.

Now, I’ve seen every home TV setup and I hope I can
help you out today. 

I’ve narrowed it down to three popular options my clients
have been using to avoid Cable TV.

All these options work with a simple internet

Option #1 – For Smart TVs

If you own a newer Smart TV your in luck.  You might have
the best options of all. 

The following free TV streaming apps can
be found on most Smart TVs.

Tubi (100+ Channels)
Pluto TV (250+ Channels)
Tivify (80 Channels)
Plex (100+ Live Channels)
Vudu (120 Channels)
Xumo (190 Channels)
Redbox Free Live (100 Channels)
Peacock (NBC Programs)
PBS kids (Kids Programs)

Also Most TV brands have their own FREE TV streaming.

Just grab your remote and goto your “HOME” menu

Then choose their app….

-For Samsung TVs choose app “Samsung TV Plus

-For Sony TV choose app “Bravia Core Streaming

-For LG Smart TVs choose app “LG Channels

-For Vizio TVs choose app “Watch Free TV

Option #2 – For Older TVs

Older models may not have apps and digital channels, but 
there are options to viewing local news, sports and good

These options work by plugging a device into your HDMI port
or coaxial input. 

Digital Antennas

Honestly, I’ve only seen these antennas work
two three times since I’ve been installing TVs.  I have two antennas
myself, collecting dust in a closet. 

I recently help a client Lo install a digital antenna. He received 50 plus channels and access to Channel 9 News, which is really popular in Chicago. He also will be enjoying Monday Night Football with the local Fox Network.

Not bad for a $30 investment…


I love Roku, because the menu is easy to navigate and there are
plenty of channels.  Its also very kid friendly and low tech to use.

Amazon Firestick 

Visually, I think the Firestick is looks great. Plenty of apps and
channels.  However, I find it less easy to navigate.

Of course there are other options like Apple TV, Chromcast and

Option #3 – Techies And Movie Enthusiast

The next option is for those who…

Live on the fringe of society…

Those Who Eat Taco Bell before a road trip…


…their mother in-law in the backseat…

 : 0 

The next option is called an…

Android Box

This box looks like a normal media device.  The box allows you to
stream new movies and shows through a private VPN.  

In simple terms…

For those raised in the 90s think…  “Napster or LimeWire”
If your apart of the iPhone generation think…   “Bit Torrent”

The device searches the internet for filesharing content.  You can
stream current movies, tv shows and special
programming(HBO, Showtime, etc) all while protecting
your identity(Internet IP).  

I’ve seen this device maybe two times and I’m pretty sure it requires 
technical skills to program. 

Hopefully theses option can help you to get rid of your cable  and 
get some great entertainment options. 

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Mario F - TV Installer
Mario F – TV Installer

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