I got banned, Five Guys, and the crate challenge

AAhhh… The eb and flow of life.

One day your eating mango sorbet enjoy the sun … the next minute your phone is flooded with calls asking “What happen to your website?” ” Where is your Instagram?

As the Emmy nominated poet… Terrance Howard would say…

” This is crazy mayne”

Ironically, last month my doctor’s orders were to cutdown on stress and salt.
For me that meant avoiding the industrial bag of fries from Five Guys and letting the calls from my brother go to voicemail.

But enter August…

I know… I’m rambling…

The only good thing about this month is… I didn’t accept the crate challenge.

Here is the story…

Last week, I got a message from my assistant saying he couldn’t access the Instagram account.

Upon further investigation, Instagram disabled our account for repeatedly posting same content via IG stories. Stuff happens. We will be appealing the decision.

In the meantime we’ve create a new account. Please follow us below.


Lastly, our site crashed, unfortunately we lost our PS5 contest webpage and all entries. As a result, we will be relaunching the free giveaway. Be assured our site is secure. I will text everyone when we are ready.

In the past, we’ve taken orders and schedule by text, phone, Instagram and Facebook. However, to better serve you we will direct everyone to website for pricing and to schedule.

I’m available to answer any questions via texts and social media, however all pricing, availability and scheduling inquiries will be forwarded to the website app.

Use coupon Code: MOUNTMYTV

Also, please direct anyone interested in mounting a TV to the website to grab a quote and schedule.

With Less than a month til the end of summer, hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying the weather. See ya soon.

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Mario F – TV Installer

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