6 Things You Should Know Before You Mount Your TV

6 Things You Should Know Before You Mount Your TV


6 Things You Should Know Before You Mount Your TV

Hi, My Name is Mario, and I've been a TV installer for 4 years. I’d like to give you some quick answers about TV mounting without playing phone tag with your local TV installer.

If you've just moved into a new place or purchase a new TV? Chances are your looking to get your Flat screen TV mounted to the wall.

After several conversations with my clients, I’ve come to realize that most people would like to mount their TV for Two Reasons.

I'll explain those reasons through out this post, but first let's talk about the six of the most asked questions about installing a TV.

1. What type of Mount should I Use?

There are two types of TV mounts. Both mounts are great depending on your situation. Let's explore both options:

Fixed Mounts

Fixed mounts are stationary mounts that remain in a fixed position. Fixed mounts are great for cozy living rooms and small bedrooms. This mount usually cost between $20 - $35 depending on your TV size.
I recommend to avoid using fixed mounts in large rooms with multiple sitting areas or places where sun rays can cause a glare.

Full Motion Mounts

A Full motion mount, sometimes referred to as an Articulating Mount, can move from side to side as well as tilt up and down. These mounts can be used in just about any room.. An Ideal Situation for a full motion mount is a large living room with an attached dining area or breakfast bar.
Since Full motion mounts extend from the wall, I would avoid putting theses mounts in a child rooms under 7. And that leads me to reason number one people call us.

TV Mounting Benefit #1 - CHILD SAFETY: My phone rings constantly from new parents worried about a toddler tipping a TV on a TV stand . I believe along with sealing outlets and cabinets, mounting your TVs should be added to childproofing your home.

2. What height should I mount my TV?

Mounting the TV too high may cause neck and eye strain. Generally the center of the TV should meet your eyes easily. For example sitting on your couch looking across the room, the middle of the TV screen should be eye level,

3. How Much Does TV Mounting Cost?

Great Question, most people would like to budget this task so I'll give you the exact price at the end of this article.

The average cost of installation for 65” TV is between $99 - $129. TV Installation prices vary on TV size, wall type and wire concealment style.

4. Can you hide my TV wires?

Most TV installers can hide wires with ease. In most cases, we will install an outlet behind the TV, and conceal other devices such as Roku, Apple TV and small Cable Boxes behind the TV.

5. Can you mount a TV over a fireplace?

The short answer is yes. We can mount a TV over a fireplace whether brick or drywall. And while most clients will want to install an outlet over their mantle, this may require a bit more planning.

We encourage you to take a photo of your fireplace and send it when requesting service. This will allow our installer to map out the nearest power source to install the outlet prior to service..

6. Can You mount a TV in the corner?

I’ve mounted dozens of TVs in small apartments and condos where every space counts and this question comes up alot.
TV Mounting Benefit #2 : SAVE SPACE - Hanging a TV can immediately change the look and feel of a room. Many clients after mounting a TV in their living rooms or bedroom feel empowered to throw away TV stands and other furniture that has become an eyesore for years.
Mounting a TV in a corner is a popular options. We have numerous mounts designed for mounting tvs in corners. But before deciding, please consider the nearest outlet and number of devices plugged into the TV. This will insure a clean install

In closing, use these tips to get your flat-screen TV mounted safely and securely. We’ve included a small link to our website to further help you.

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Mario F. - TV Installer/Entrepreneur

Mario is professional TV installers in the Chicagoland helping the residential and commercial community. Got question... you can text or call Mario @ 224.733.4408

Outside of Illinois, visit our website to find the local TV installer in your area.

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