Is It Hard To Mount A TV On Brick Wall?

by Mario F.

One unique advantage of flat screen TVs is that you can hang them on your wall. Unlike bulky TVs that require a significant amount of space, today’s TV can be mounted on the wall and made to look like artwork.
But, even as beautiful and stylish as these TVs are, mounting them on a brick wall has been challenging. Which brings us to the question – how difficult is it to mount a TV on a brick wall? Of course, hanging a TV on a brick can be demanding, but it is feasible. So, let us go over everything you need to mount your TV on brick successfully.

Tools and Supplies
Mounting a TV on brick can be tricky without the necessary tools. Here are the following tools to get started;
TV wall bracket
Power drill
Masonry drill bits
Permanent Marker
Concrete screws or anchors
Driver bit for screws or anchors.
Tape measure
Small shop vac
Rubber mallet or hammer
Safety gear

Steps to Mount a TV on Brick
Step 1 – Decide on the location. The best area usually is close to the cable jack and electrical outlet.
Step 2 – Identify installation height.
Step 3 – Mark drill holes. Avoid soft mortal lines when marking the holes.
Step 4 – Drill the holes.
Step 5 – Use and insert anchors.
Step 6 – Mount wall bracket. Tighten all screws.
Step 7 – Hang the TV on the wall bracket.

Hiding the Wires
There are several ways to hide wires after mounting your TV on a brick wall. We’ll outline those methods below;
Use a wall cord raceway kit.
You can use decorations to hide TV wires.
You can hide TV wires behind a panel board.

You can mount a TV on brick and hide the wires as described above. That said, you can contact us if you need technicians to help you do an excellent job at an affordable price.

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