4 Reasons Smart TVs Fall Off The Wall?

by Mario F.

Can My Walls hold a Television?

Five years in the TV Installation business and this is the most common question I get.  For those questioning should keep my TV on the stand or put it on the wall, installing a tv can be hard and nerve wrecking.  Today, I’d like to give the 4 common causes of why TVs fall off the wall. 


Moisture is a big culprit  for bad TV mounting jobs.  Moisture can soften drywall and can cause TV mounts to pull from the wall.  This can be especially dangerous when mountain TVs in basements, bathrooms and porch areas.  Most of the instagram clips of TVs and drywall peeling away from the wall are from high humidity. 

Drywall No studs

Some ametuar may try their first attempt at installing a TV by themselves, and have trouble finding studs in the wall.  They will then attempt to use drywall anchors to mount the TV, which leads to disaster.  In this case I would be extremely worried about the TV falling off the wall. .  Keep in mind different homes have different construction styles. 

Studs spacing in highrises and home constructions are hugely different.  There are little tricks to finding studs.    My word of caution is to never mount a TV over 20lb without studs.  Smaller TVs may be mounted without studs again it depends on the Mount style, weight and the humidity in the room. 

Hanging on Plasterboard

With older model homes ,built in the 1920s, plasterboard will be common to find in the walls.  Plasterboards vary in thickness and density.  Some TVs can be mounted directly into the plaster, others require anchors. Plaster can chip and crack in the wall which makes it difficult to decide where to mount the TV.   The densest of these wall also makes it harder for a stud finder to find the studs. 

Full Motion mounts

Some customers require a full motion mount to be installed.  This places more bearing weight on the wall.  In simple terms, the TV weight will increase and pull away from the wall increasing the chances of falling.  Pro TV installers will compensate for the additional force on the wall.  

How hard is it to mount a tv? It varies, my advice is find a professional installer, especially for TVs 55’ and up.  Also if you choose to use a full motion mount, find a pro.  Most experienced installers are familiar with the construction style of most homes.  This will assure your TV investment is protected.

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