Kids, COVID & Toliet Paper

Hey Guys and Girls

We’re in some very interesting times. Last nite, I almost had to tackle a guy over a 64 pack of toilet paper. 😜I’m kidding

But this is something most of us haven’t experienced, but its affecting everyone.

Last month, my son basketball season was cancelled. It was his last year in school. He took it very hard.

Again, this situation is effecting everyone in some way. We just have to be patience and let things work out.


In a society where we admire the celebrities and athletes, the real heroes have turned out to be the policemen, truck drivers, logistics teams, nurses, doctors and grocery store workers.

They are keeping our communities sane and together. Thanks you & salute

Also I see people checking on the elderly and collecting money for those who need it.

Amazing how we rise to the occasion to help others, despite what we see on the news.

I’m inspired.

I just want to drop a couple of links that might be of help to someone.

Free Housing (First Responders)

If your a nurse or a first responder working long hours or taking a long commute AirBnB is offering free housing here.

Zoom – Staying connected.

For those of us who miss connecting with friends and family socially, Zoom is a great solution. Zoom allows up to 12 people to attend a live video call. Its Free.

Its an awesome way to stay connected with the people in your life. Your can download Zoom here.

Free Internet

Xfinity to is offering open internet access thru their local mobile hotspots. you can find a hotspot here.

Food deals

I’ve been taking advantage of Uber-Eats free delivery during this time, but here are some more restaurants offering deals here.

Post COVID Job Resources

For those unsure about their job options after this Pandemic, Indeed has some great resources on what to do next. (benefits, headhunters, career counseling, etc) Click Here.

Hopefully, this will be over shortly and things will get back to somewhat normal.

Hope to see you guys this summer!

Mario F.

Mario F - TV Installer
Mario F – TV Installer

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