Our Latest TV Install (Dolton IL)

Now As a TV Installer, I’ve been offer everything from bottled water, grilled cheese, tacos, wine, Hennessy to pancakes.

And Luckily for you guys I don’t rate my clients

But I want to thank everyone for their hospitality

So.. I have a big announcement next month which involves the word “FREE AND TV”. Stay Tune

Last week I was invited out to a nice home in Dolton IL. The young lady had a nice color palette and

After a small conversation, I realized she had two concerns:

1 – She wanted the TV mounted out of reach of a small child

2 – She requested no wires showing

And most of my clients have the same concerns, so I would like to address these concerns.

Here’s the before and after Photos of that TV Installation.

First lets address the issue of safety, Placing a Tv on a traditional stand is hazard to small children.

I strongly urge parents to add mounting Tvs to child proofing your home.

Secondly, Anyone who has spent hours picking out furniture, paint and home décor only to see wires dangling in your living-room, should be disappointed.

There are many options to concealing your TV wires and getting a clean install. Best advice is to contact us for your options.

And always SHARE help a friend

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