$2 Gas and Best Tacos🌮 In Chicago

Happy 4th Of July Everyone!

Hope you’re enjoying your Monday!

My apologies, I’ve been MIA.  I had to limit my workload. Doctors orders.  Good News is I’m slowly picking up my schedule. 

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In this message, I will give you the lowest priced gas in the city and… the best tacos in Chicago

This message is super important, Angels are counting on you.

I’ll tell you later…

Being a TV Installer, I’m sometimes the first person to greet our new Chicago residents. 

Woot! Woot!

Many times… I’m asked to refer a good restaurant or eating spot.

I usually don’t know what to say.


I don’t know who you are….  or what you want

I may not know a chic restaurant with vegan options


What I do have is a very particular set of skills.

Skills I have acquired over a very long career.

Skills that make me invaluable to people like me and you

These skills make me a specialist.

A connoisseur…

In some circles people refer to me as… 

“susurrador de tacos”




“The Taco Whisperer” 🌮🌮🌮


I developed my superpowers after hearing an urban legend…

That… every time someone orders From Taco Bell…

Abuelas cry from heaven..


Really… My best gift to you is a list of my favorite taco spots throughout the city.

(Start Kanye voice)

To start off I’ve had great tacos in places like Ravenswood, Lakeview, southside and the northside.


If you want authentic tacos… laced with cilantro, queso cheese, pico de gallo and tortillias that melt in your mouth.  

You will find the Promise-land just west of Halsted St. (End Kanye voice)

There are two spots, I like in particular…

My first pick is L’ Patron in Logan Square.  

L’ Patron is my spot for steak tacos. I’m not sure what seasoning is used on the meat, but just squeeze lime and it’s delicious.  

Another one is…

Chavas Tacos El in the West Loop. This is my late nite spot after the comedy clubs or sports events.  

The homemade tortillas will keep you coming back

Well… Unless the gas prices go up to $8 a gallon.

We are getting close.

Seems like yesterday… my dad gave me a gas can for the lawnmower.

Gas was $1.89 a gallon

Of course people were dancing to MC hammer😁

I’ll show you how to get the best prices later…

As a side note in my 35+ years of life,  I’ve never been in a hostage situation.

But If I was taken against my will to some dimly lit warehouse… 

I’m sure it would resemble…

the inside of the Velvet Taco in Streeterville . 


Not a fan of the aesthetics… but the grilled salmon tacos are worth it.  

20+ flavors of tacos to choose from, You will find something tasty.

Of course it’s near Rush St, a busy area, so  plan accordingly

I also love Seoul Taco in River North.  

Seoul Taco is a Korean and Mexican food fusion spot.  

The mix of flavors is so guuud!  

I usually order the Gogi steak tacos with kimchi rice. 

WARNING, the mayo sauce is SPICY!🤯

Also check out The Pink Taco in the South Loop on Tuesdays.  

It’s a great spot to take friends and share the experience. 

As promise, this website can help you locate the best prices for gas.

Best gas prices near you CLICK HERE

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