Confessions of a TV Installer

Forgive me father,  it’s been 3 months since my last confession.  

Really… I feel guilty. I haven’t written in this blog in months.  I’ve been so busy. 

I just want to thank you all for your support and allowing me in your homes.  I really appreciate the opportunity to serve you.  I must admit, I really enjoy the challenge of each TV install.  

Last Saturday, I took a trip near Rockford Illinois for a fireplace TV installation.  The installation turned out so good, I felt like “The salt chef😎”. 

“I got receipts”

So recently, we began submitting donations to the Corner Stone Outreach Program.   The program assists homeless families rebuild their lives.   As a result, we will give a portion of each TV install to help with shelter and counseling for those in need.  I want you all to be a part of this process.   So I’ll update you via this blog. 

Other Good News

Last month, we announced the  winner of our Smart TV give-away.   

The winner was….  (drumroll)…  Tamia Mullins of Chicago

Tamia will receive a 50” Smart TV with installation for FREE NINETY NINE.

If you missed the raffle… 

Don’t worry I’ll announce another giveaway on our Instagram page.  Besure to follow us here

But we’ve been busy, building systems to better serve you. 

As a result of our high demand, we’ve tweaked the website to provide you with easy pricing and scheduling.  Check out our system

Our new ordering system gives multiple price quotes, allows you to schedule, enter coupons codes and pay deposits. 

If all else fails… just break the glass….  and text me.

We will be also expanding service to Milwaukee and Indiana. If you have any handy friends or relatives, pls forward them to our application portal.

Yesterday, while sitting on a restaurant patio guzzling tacos, the world almost seems normal.  People laughing, music playing, debates about Lebron or Jordan, but an industrial size bottle of hand sanitizer brought me back to reality.

2020 has been a heck of a year, pandemics, riots, murder hornets, killer dust storms. and the anal-probing aliens haven’t even landed yet.  🏃🏃🏃 But seriously…  We need each other or community for our own sanity. We need to connect and be apart of something bigger.

With that said…

Be good to yourself and check on someone… hope to see ya soon

-Mario F.

My Latest TV Installation – Rockford IL

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Mario F - TV Installer
Mario F – TV Installer

Mario F. is a TV Installer in the Chicago Area serving commercial and residential homes

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